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Politecnico di Milano MSc in Food Engineering
Politecnico di Milano

MSc in Food Engineering

Milan, Italië

2 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 3.898 / per year *

Blended, Op de campus

* tuition fees for Non-EEA students correspond automatically to the full contribution of 3898,20€; tuition fees for EEA students range from about 895,20 € to 3898,20 € per year


Mission and goals

Food Engineering aims at developing a new food industry culture and at training master degree-level students who are able to solve problems and to innovate the value chain of the food and beverage industry. Food engineers acquire strong skills in:

  • De chemisch-fysische en voedingskwaliteiten van voedingsmiddelen en dranken, en aanverwante product- en procestechniek.
  • Analyses and management of the entire supply chain of the modern food and beverage industry.
  • De context en de sociale, economische en ecologische effecten van productiemethoden, regelgevingsbeleid en duurzaamheid.

The program is interdisciplinary and focuses on the industrial food transformation technologies and on the analysis and modeling of the social, economic, and environmental effects of the production, from farm to fork.

Food engineering focuses on food and beverage processing, production, and preservation technologies; support the design of food products and production equipment; it takes care of quality management, certification and of food safety; it designs sustainable processes, considering the product life and the reduction of energy consumption connected with production and logistics.

The objective is to prepare culturally and professionally highly qualified technicians able to carry out and to manage activities related to research and design along the entire value chain of the food and beverage sector, operating at national and international level.





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